How is Medical Marijuana effective in treating Chronic Pain?

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Today, chronic pain affects more people in the United States than cancer, heart conditions, and diabetes combined. Getting a Medical Marijuana Card Naples empowers patients by giving them an alternative treatment option for their debilitating pain. Pain can cause long-term disability, depression, and anxiety. It can interfere with daily life, restrict mobility, and reduce the quality of life considerably. Chronic pain can cause various mental health problems. It interferes with sleep and elevates stress levels; hence doctors try to combine mood elevators with pain medications to reduce the emotional strain and help ease the symptoms of depression. Many traditional pharmaceutical drugs are used to treat chronic pain, but they cannot provide relief to everyone and result in dependency and tolerance.

Traditional antidepressants and mood elevators also take time to be effective, which often leads to non-compliance, and causes patients to stop taking their dosage before the Marijuana relieves the symptoms.

Conventional doctors in Sarasota, Melbourne, Miami, and Naples typically prescribe strong painkillers from a handful of options available to treat chronic pain. These drugs only give patients some temporary pain relief without improving the patient’s quality of life and bringing a host of unpleasant side effects.

Millions of dollars and years of research have gone into identifying the effect of Medical Marijuana in helping people living in constant agony of chronic pain. Amidst all the ongoing research, Medical Marijuana is a beacon of hope for people who have been suffering from this condition for years. Medical Marijuana use in treating chronic pain is becoming an increasingly popular alternative amongst the traditional pain-relieving drugs such as opioids. The State of Florida’s Medical Marijuana legalization initiative has legalized the use of Medical Marijuana. It has made it easier to get a Medical Marijuana Card for some defined list of conditions. Chronic pain is on the qualifying medical conditions for obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card. My Florida Green is helping people get registered and seek Medical Marijuana treatment from their network of qualified doctors.

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What is Medical Marijuana?

The two most popular compounds in the Cannabis flower which are known to have pain-relieving qualities are THC and CBD. THC has intoxicating and psychoactive properties in addition to the pain-reducing effect and is the reason why you feel “high” after taking Marijuana. However, CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical compound, and one of its roles is to counteract the high. The ratio of THC and CBD varies significantly in different products. Different people respond differently to the combination of THC and CBD; however, a higher THC concentration is more effective for pain relief.

THC and CBD cause pain relief by acting on the body’s endocannabinoid system. The human body has cannabinoid receptors, and when Marijuana is consumed, these chemicals act on these receptors to produce an anti-inflammatory effect.

It is important that you know which Marijuana strain and in which combination is best for your health condition. You must see a Marijuana physician to get an evaluation. If you are in Florida, My Florida Green has a huge network of qualified Marijuana physicians that are helping new patients with Medical Marijuana recommendations.

How does a Medical Marijuana Card help patients with chronic pain? 

Most people use Medical Marijuana because of its pain-reducing properties. Even though Marijuana is not strong enough to ease severe pain, it is very effective for people who suffer from chronic pain, which is debilitating, rendering people unable to work. Another factor that adds to Marijuana’s allure is that it is a lot safer than other opiates. It is almost impossible to overdose, and it is less addictive than most opiates. In particular, Marijuana has been seen to ease pain in multiple cases of sclerosis. It is excellent in reducing pain caused by nerve damage, which many other traditional drugs are not able to do effectively.

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The most widely used traditional products for nerve damage are Neurontin and Lyrica, which cause sedation. People using these drugs often feel detached from their families and find it challenging to work and complete everyday activities. On the other hand, patients who have taken Marijuana say that it allows them to continue their daily lives without feeling disengaged.

In addition to the pain-relieving properties, Marijuana is claimed to be a highly effective muscle relaxant. It is established that Marijuana can lessen tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease. Marijuana’s ability to help veterans who are coming back from war zones with PTSD. Many victims of PTSD and their therapists report that taking medical Marijuana has resulted in drastic improvements.

How to obtain a Florida Medical Marijuana Card? 

The process of obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida has become easy with My Florida Green.

In Florida, My Florida Green has an extensive network of certified doctors that can manage patients who qualify for Medical Marijuana treatment.

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