How can you protect your kids from asthma?

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Asthma is always a disturbing ailment for all and you know that very well. Keeping that in mind, you will never like your kids to develop asthma at a young age. Now, you will say that pollutions and the spread of chemicals in the air are such strong that it becomes very tough for protecting kids to have asthma.

You are correct, but to a certain extent only. See, heavy chemicals and pollution in the air, especially in the industrial areas and heavily populated cities around the world is your choice. Among sustainability of life and ease of life-leading, you already chose the second one. It is for your choice of ease of life-leading that the pollution agents are there in the air. So, you have no point in making any complaint against them. So, no other way or choice is left before you, except the use of Asthalin Inhaler or Duolin Inhaler from Arrowmeds.

But the fact here is that these are not the agents to cause asthma but to cause asthma triggers in you. Yes, you hear it right, but of course, there is a need here for a better explanation.

Pollution and asthma – cause or trigger?

Make it a note here that neither dust, nor CO2, and not even chemicals or allergic substances are the cause of asthma, but they are the causes of finding a trigger in asthma. The clear word here is, if you are having asthma, then these agents will be triggering the same in you, but they will not cause asthma in you, if you are not a patient of the same, beforehand.

The basic cause of asthma is low calcium content in your body and hence is again related to your immunity. If you calcium content of the body is not proper, then the lung’s wall will squeeze and will reduce the space of the air sac. This will cause you to take much lesser air than you need for running all the functions of your body.

The heart needs the air for the purification of blood and it will continue to seek more air unless the requirement of the same is fulfilled. Now, when the air content you are supplying is not sufficient for the functioning, a revolt is essential and revolt within your body means you are developing some disorder in you.

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Asthma is such a disorder, which you will develop here and that will expose you to use Asthalin Inhaler or Duolin Inhaler from Arrowmeds, with no other options left out.

What to be done for the kids then?

Now, it is clear to you that it is not the pollution but the immunity of your kids, that makes him/her a patient of asthma. Keeping that in mind, your search now is to find the ways, following which you can ensure your kids remain free from asthma. So, the steps to be followed to ensure a better future for your kids and allowing them to be protected against asthma are –

Care while you are pregnant

The initial immunity of a kid is developed when he/she is inside their mother’s womb. So, start your work from there onwards by ensuring that you are having the proper food materials that will ensure a rich calcium supply to the one present in your womb.

Continue the same while breastfeeding

Immunity or strong calcium supply to the kid must not stop when you are pregnant alone. The thing must continue, while you are breastfeeding your kids. This time, your breast milk is the only source of food and of course, immunity for the kid, and hence whatever you supply them, they will have that in their body. Therefore do not stop having calcium-rich contents, while you are breastfeeding your kids. This will ensure for the second time that your kids are having proper immunity in them and hence will not develop asthma.

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Make your kids fond of immunity based foods

It is the habit that you create in your kids that remains for a lifetime. If you are exposed to spicy foods, when your kid is young, it will be making up his/her mind to have that stuff alone. You know well that they are not having an immunity base at all. So, when your kids develop the habit of having them, you are ensuring that they will be facing the issues of immunity one day, or very soon and exposed to Asthalin Inhaler or Duolin Inhaler from Arrowmeds very soon.

It is understandable from your side too that you are longing for those pizzas and pasta for a long time. You are fond of those, and for the long days of pregnancy and breastfeeding, you stood away from those. Now, when every such responsibility is over, you are longing hard for those foods. If you can do that, you are ensuring that your kid will never be exposed to asthma and not even COVID-like viruses. But if you fail to maintain that, be sure that you are endangering the life of your kids, with your own hands.

So, it is very much in your hand about the protection of your kids from asthma and you understand that well enough now too. The rest is how you act and how you prove to be a good mom or dad. A good mom or dad is not that person who ensures a better economic future for kids alone, especially when the kids remain the sufferer of health issues and psycho issues.

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