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3 WhatsApp features that can help you boost your sales

3 WhatsApp features that can help you boost your sales Posted On
Posted By Tracy Burton

In a world where people are expecting more personalized services from businesses, WhatsApp is no less than a blessing. It’s no secret that you have a better shot at converting a prospect by conversing with them. The question is, how is WhatsApp better than your website’s webchat where you can literally do the same? Well, for starters your customers might have to actually visit the website to be able to chat with you but they already have WhatsApp on their phone. 

Customer interaction is just one aspect, businesses have stepped it up a notch and they are now using WhatsApp to boost their sales and conversions. So, without any further ado, let’s take a quick look at some key strategies you can employ to boost sales through WhatsApp.

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Better visibility through the catalogue feature

Visibility is the key to any brand’s success. The more visible your brand or products are, the stronger impact it would have on your brand image. WhatsApp is helping businesses unleash their true potential by letting them create a catalogue of their products for their customers to explore. 

Gone are the days when you had to share an extensive list of products or services for your customers to choose from within a chat. Now you may actually create an organized catalogue so your customers can freely explore their options.

Cost-effective promotions through broadcast

As a brand you dedicate a significant chunk of your marketing budget for Facebook adverts and Google ads through which you target potential audiences who may or may not convert. With WhatsApp, you can reach out to customers who have previously interacted with or purchased from you without any cost. 

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You may also compare WhatsApp broadcast with the good old email marketing that has a minimal opening rate as compared to the whopping 98% opening rate of the WhatsApp messages. 

The best part is, the broadcast feature only delivers the message to those who have saved your number on their phone so there is no risk of spamming in case you are wondering.

Order updates

A lot of times customers miss the order confirmation details sent via email or they sit in the spam folder. On the contrary, it’s hard to miss a confirmation when it’s in your personal chat. Moreover, you can ask for delivery updates or even complain about a faulty product all in the same chat. 

This is what makes WhatsApp a highly reliable communication channel for eCommerce businesses that struggle with order management. 

Final words

While the traditional marketing and communication channels certainly hold their importance in the digital arena, you may want to add WhatsApp to that list if you want to grow as a brand without having to exhaust any additional resources.

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